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Vision and decision making

What characteristics are used in prey determination? What features of enemies trigger avoidance? Why spiders do not hunt objects that are not suitable for eating?  Does experience influence decision making? [research in progress]

Hunting behaviour of inexperienced spiders

Are complex hunting tactics present in inexperienced spiders? Do they change with age? Are spiders hunting for the first time able to determine their prey and hunt them as adults do? [pdf] 

Behavioural flexibility - hunting tactics in a changing environment

Does the mode of hunting change when predators become conspicuous for their prey? [research in progress]

Hunting conditional strategy of a jumping spider

Are all prey types hunted in a uniform way or are there many prey-specific hunting tactics? [pdf1] + [pdf2]

Diet of a generalist predator 

Not only flies ... [pdf]

Life history of Yllenus arenarius

Sympatric populations isolated by the year of maturation. [pdf]

Courtship and copulation in Pholcus phalangioides

Development and maturation of Pholcus phalangioides